Earlier this week I was at one of the many exits from the Central Market parking lot. I was going to turn right on to Westheimer, just before the Weslayan light. At peak hours, traffic will back up and block the 3 or so exits from the parking lot into Westheimer. So, I’m waiting for a gap or someone to let me in.

At the exit, just to the left of me is granny in a SUV. Someone stops short of the exit and beckons the SUV to go ahead, which she does. However, SUV granny neglects one thing – something that used to be pretty standard but is less so these days. The Wave. It’s a slight gesture, an acknowledgment by the person given way of your superior breeding and good manners. The Wave is the price of being let through.

Well, in this case when no wave was forthcoming, the young woman who had let SUV granny thru, went a little nuts. She honked. She yelled. She wildly gestured with an exaggerated wave. SUV granny seemed oblivious, which appeared to upset the young woman even more. The traffic started moving and I watched, mesmerized, as both of them drove slowly past me. That woman was pissed. Christmas season has people on edge. It was only later that I thought that I should have taken a picture. Of course, that may have caused her to divert her wrath on to me.


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