Tiger Woods Sabbatical

Ok, I will chime in. Given the coverage this has gotten, at least in the States, I think everyone with a TV or Internet access now knows that Tiger has taken an indefinite hiatus from golf with the goal of salvaging his marriage. Most pundits have come down in favor of this movie and have the said the appropriate political correct things about how saving his family has to take a priority.

I guess I am in the minority, thinking that this is a mistake. He is 5 (if memory serves me) away from breaking Nicklaus’ record of major wins of 18. Taking an extended break is never good for an athlete. This record once broken, will stand for a very long time. If and when he comes back and is unable to break the record, he will forever regret it. Besides there is no guarantee that that will save the marriage anyway. Personally, I don’t think it will. If need be, why can’t they all travel together to golf tournaments. Hire a nanny. Hire two. They’ve got the money.


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