Whoopi Goldberg Loses Her Mind

Whoopi Goldberg went on The View and lost her mind.

A 44 year old man admitted to taking a 13 year old girl home. Taking some nude pictures of her. Giving her champagne and quualudes. Undressing her. Performing oral sex. Fucking her. Then getting concerned about pregnancy, flipping her over and fucking her in the ass.

According to Whoopi, this was not rape or as she called it, rape-rape. It was something but not rape-rape. Is this a new technical term? Legal criteria?

What differentiates between your run of the mill rape vs. rape-rape? Is it occupation? What if it had been a Catholic priest? A CEO? Of an oil company. Sacre bleu! Crucify them but oh, no not a poor innocent artist. He has suffered enough. This issue with Polanski crystallizes the gap between Hollywood and the rest of the country. I don’t think this is a liberal/conservative issue. Most liberals, outside of Hollywood, are equally horrified at the response of the Hillywood set. Unfuckingbelievable.


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