Comcast Sucks

After nearly two weeks without a TV, I am up and running again. It went out the Wednesday before Labor Day. When I called Cpmcast, they tried to fix it over the phone, no dice. But they couldn’t send out a tech until Friday. Fine, so I took the day off. Tech comes around. Problem is with the “data taps” that are located in the electrical room on my floor. He fixes the problem. But it goes out again on Friday night. Call. They’ll be over sometime between 8 am and 8 pm on Saturday. WTF!
Call Sat morning. They’ll be there.
Call Sat early afternoon. They’ll be there.
Call Sat early evening. They’ll be there.
Realize that the electrical room is locked and the concierge will need to open before he leaves. I call him. He tells me the Comcast Tech was there around 10 that morning. We prop open the door and I call Comcast, back.
This is around 4:45 pm. They promise to call me back in 10 minutes. Around 5:45 pm I call back. They have no record that someone was supposed to call me back in 10 minutes. Oh, yes, the Tech was by and the ticket was closed. Well, shouldn’t he have checked to see if the cable was working?
Tomorrow is Sunday and Monday is a holiday. So, Tech can’t be out until Tuesday. I can’t take off on Tuesday, so, I tell them it is tonight or no dice. They say they can’t make it until Tuesday. Then cancel it is. Then they realize that they could, perhaps make it in on Sunday. Nope, tonight or cancel. So, cancelled.
Next day, went to AT&T and signed up for U-verse. This is there new TV service over phone lines rather than satellite or cable. However, it does require installation, which they can’t schedule until Monday, i.e. today.
Take the day off. As I am going down to get the AT&T tech, run into my next door neighbor. He asks if my cable is working. His is down. As we’re talking, we realize what has happened. Evidently, when they “fixed” mine on that first Friday, they disconnected someone else on our floor. She called and they came and “fixed” her’s on Saturday and evidently disconnected mine. Subsequently, somewhere along the line they screwed his up, too. they told him it was a problem with the data panel in the electrical room. Told him I was fed up and was switching to AT&T.
AT&T promised to be there between 9 and 11. The Tech called at 8:45 am and said he was 15 minutes away and he was done by 9 am. Everything worked. Switched my Internet connection, also. This didn’t require me losing my email address because I was already with AT&T. Just meant I was going from DSL to fiber optics. Which means I can finally get rid of my land line. I didn’t have a regular phone and had the land line for DSL only.
I have more HD channels with AT&T then Comcast. The HD channels look about the same but the non-HD ones are better. But the best part is the interface, which is much more slicker than Comcast’s. The DVR can record 4 shows simultaneously. Comcast could only do two. And you can control the recordings from web. And best of all, back in business just in time for the BB11 finale.


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