Two Months of 550i

It has been two months since I got my 550i and it is time for an update. Over the two months I have put on just over 2,000 miles, mostly commuting to and from work and driving around town. But it does include one road trip around the Hill Country. So the verdict so far – stupendous. It’s fast. A lot of fun to drive. Fast. Comfortable. Fast.

It has the most comfortable seats I have had in a car. (I have the M sports package). The iDrive works like a charm and is pretty intuitive but I know they have made a lot of improvements since it first came out and got all the bad press. Plus this is a 2010 model and thy made even more changes in this model. I thought the heads up display was a gimmick that I wouldn’t really used much. Just be another electronic gizmo to go wrong. But I love it and have it on all the time. It shows the speed, navigation and any warning messages, like low fuel. I wish it showed the time and turn signals, also. It is very unintrusive and cannot be seen from any place except the driver’s seat. It is very clear, even in bright sunlight. However, one caveat. It can be somewhat hard to see thru polarized sunglasses in very bright sunlight. Can’t look at it head on but at a very sight angle. Note this only the combination of polarized sunglasses and bright sunlight.

The sync with phone via bluetooth works every time. The navigation and iPod integration also work great. It is one of the sexiest looking and sounding cars. But best of all it drives amazing.


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