2010 BMW 550i

First weekend with my new car. It is beautiful and drives great. So far so good with the electronics gizmo. The iDrive is vastly improved. The 2010 5 series has the same iDrive as the 7 series. They have added several buttons that allows greater navigation. Not completely intuitive but you can still figure it out without having to read the manual. So, it may not real the design levels of Apple but it beats Microsoft.

I thought the heads up display was just a gimmick but it is quite handy have the speed and navigation instructions up there. Check controls will also show up on heads up. Wish the clock was up there, also.

Given the tight parking at my condo and that I back into my space, the parking indicator is really handy. I can remember the exact name but when you put the car into reverse, an image of the car shows up, with certain amount of space in front and back of the car highlighted. As you back up the highlighted space behind the car starts changing color based on whether or not something is behind or close to the side of the car. So if there is a wall behind you, like I have in my parking space, as the car gets closer, the green space is highlighted, then the next level is yellow and you start hearing a slight warning beep. As you get closer to the wall the color changes to red and then the sound is constant and louder. Not as good as a backup camera but still pretty handy.

iPod integration works great. So, much more handier than burning CDs. Smartphone integration via bluetooth works every time. Commands are also voice activated, which worked fine. Used it to make phone calls and change from navigation to iPod. The car comes with satellite radio with one year of service. Nice but not sure that I would pay for it beyond one year but we’ll see. Finally, also set up the BMW Assist. This is equivalent to GM’s Onstar system. Push a button if you need help and you are connected to someone automatically that can get help. If there is a wreck, the system is activated automatically. They also know where exactly you are. So, of the car got stolen, you can call them and they can tell exactly where the car is.

Haven’t taken a road trip but did get it on a freeway. The ride is very quiet – quieter than my 530. Acceleration is excellent. All in all, very happy so far.


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