Car Search II

Continued my car search on Friday and Saturday. Friday, I was already in The Woodlands for a conference. Decided to stop by one of the two BMW dealerships in that part of town. A lot of 1s and 3s on the lot. Also a lot of SUVs. But only one 550i, which had just sold that day. However, generally appeared to be more eager to negotiate than Momentum. Also, did not come across as arrogant as Momentum.

Saturday, visited Volvo, returned to Momentum BMW and then stopped off at Jaguar on the way home. Checked out the S80 and C70 at Volvo. Volvo has quite a few 2008 models on the lot and were eager to deal. However, the 2009 models and significant incentives – $6,500 for the 2009 S80 and $4,500 for the C70. So, didn’t think the 2008 models had been discounted enough. But the dealership would probably have listened to any deal. Nice, practical cars. Much better price than BMW.

Went back to Momentum BMW on Katy just to see if the 550i I drove the week before was still available. It was. Glad I did that because it helped me decide that I don’t want Platinum Gray. If I end up getting a BMW, it’ll be Carbon Black. Salesman from the other day caught me before I could sneak out. Told him I was still looking. He suggested that, if money was the issue, I consider a 535. It was like he had heard a word I had said. Momentum had also said that they wouldn’t deal on a 2010. Also, give the problems I had with Momentum in the past, they were not my first choice anyway. Actually, not my second choice either.

On the way home, stopped at Jaguar. Went to see the new XF but ended up falling in love with the XK convertible. The one in the showroom was a Liquid Gray with black interior. Just gorgeous. They also had a red coupe in the XK. Had a lot of XFs with more arriving within a week. Also, 2010s were going to start showing within a month and the salesman said that they would deal on the 2009s. You know if the salesman had been a little more aggressive about me test driving the convertible and if I had liked how it drove and we could have agreed on price, I would have bought it. But he was too laid back and I was getting tired of car shopping and ready to grab a coffee and go home.


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