Car Purchase

So, Saturday I went car shopping and, late afternoon, returned home without having bought one. Around 4:30 or so decided to stop at Advantage BMW, which is located downtown. Got there, greeted by salesman and asked about 550s. They did not have any. Asked if I was interested in a 535. Told him that I would go ahead and look at one. Told him about black on black and he goes out and pulls one up. It was a non-Sports package. Plus it was Sapphire Black not Carbon. Sapphire is black black, while Carbon is blue black. He said he wasn’t sure he had a Carbon. Told him I wanted to see what color combinations he had. Walked across the street to the lot. Looked at the 528s and 535s and decided I wanted the 2010 550i with the M package. I recognized that with the 2010s having just coming out, they weren’t going to deal on them, especially the 550s as they didn’t appear to last too long on the lot. So, told George (the salesman) that I would just wait a few months. He says that it was tough to get a deal on the 2010 550s but why not go back to the showroom and see if he could find one close by with the options and then discuss price. Sure, why not.

Tell him what I want. He goes away. Comes back with a car that has all the things I want plus some other stuff that I don’t want, i.e. heated front seats and satellite radio. Asks me what I want to pay. I had already checked Edmunds and went back and checked what I had paid when I bought my last car (BMW 530i) and knew what I was going to ask for. I had also decided that I wasn’t going to go back and forth. What I quoted would be my final price. I wanted to go back to the Jaguar place and test drive the XK convertible on Monday. I said 5% off the sticker. He asks if we have a deal if the price is accepted. I say yes. He returns in about under a minute. They accepted.

I bought a 550i Carbon Black with black leather interior and M sports package. Other options: Navigation, Heads Up Display, Comfort Access (keyless entry), HD and Satellite radio, heated front seats, rear sunshade, iPod an USB adapter and Premium Sound. Car to be delivered from Austin. Put down a $2,000 deposit and I was done. Was done within an hour. The fastest car purchase I have ever made. Although, the cynic in me says we are not done yet. Technically, the purchase is not complete and I wonder if they will spring some surprise cost when I return to complete the purchase. We’ll see. Pictures to be posted.


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