Total Loss

Two weeks after towing the car to the Texas German Auto Haus, I heard from the State Farm Adjustor. Verdict: The vehicle is a total loss. Evidently, in addition to the engine, water or condensation had gotten into the dash and all the electrical as well as the engine was shot. So, he passes my paperwork on to the Total Loss Department. He cautioned me that it would be 2-3 days before they could get to me. Evidently, they had 19,000 cars damaged in this rain storm. That’s just State Farm. That’s a lot of cars.

A colleague at work lives close by, near the 59/610 interchange. She told me that Tuesday morning, she looked out her window and saw 4 ft of water. Right then a car drove up and into the water. Within minutes there were a couple of fire trucks. They offloaded a little boat and rescued him/her. Right behind the fire department came the news trucks. She took pictures. She wondered how the driver had not been able to tell how deep (4 ft) the water was. I wondered if anyone had shots of me driving into my little puddle, which was only 1.5 feet, two feet tops. Plus did I mention it was dark when I drove into the water.

So, now I start my car search. I know what I’d like to get but spending that kind of money on what is after all just a mode of transportation seems idiotic. But I do covet. Perhaps I’ll just procrastinate. See if I can’t get a deal on a monthly rate from Hertz and keep the rental car that State Farm has arranged.


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