Return of the Dumbass

Called AAA this morning at seven. They were so busy that they couldn’t even give me an expected wait time. They finally got here at around 2 pm. Guess I am not the only dumbass in town. Had it towed to Texas German Auto Haus. I had taken my previous car there but never this one. Told me that they probably wouldn’t get to it until tomorrow but that I should go ahead and call my insurance company and let them know where it was. Gave me a ride to the Avis place. They were out of cars. Ended up getting an SUV at $55/day.

Service Advisor calls later in the afternoon and my engine is shot. Need a new one. Needs to work it out but rough estimate of cost is around $8,000-$10,000. So, need to let State Farm know. this was an expensive mistake.

On the other hand . . . On the news was a story about a woman who drove into a flooded street. Evidently, this was really flooded. Car started floating. And went into bayou. Other drivers tried to stop the car but couldn’t. As of this evening they still had not found the body and had to stop the search.


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