GE Refrigerators Suck

I bought my condo in 2007. It came with GE Monogram appliances. Looked pretty nice. The refrigerator is one of those side by side ones. It has started having problem. Less than 2 years but because it is over a year, it is out of warranty.

I don’t cook. So, I don’t keep a lot of food in the freezer, which means the freezer doesn’t get opened that much. I’m trying to change this but that is a subject for another post. One day my water dispenser stopped working. I open the freezer door to see what was wrong. The problem with the water dispenser is not apparent but I have ice on my shelves. Even icicles. I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting to see as the problem but it certainly was not icicles. So, I think to myself, “if there is ice on the shelves, what’s in the ice container/holder”. I pull it out. It’s empty. Baffling. What would CSI do?

I finally figure out the temperature is too high. That is melting the ice leaving puddles in the freezer. Eventually, the termperature resets down again and the water freezes. Diabolical, GE, just diabolical. I fiddle around with the temperture settings. It’s electronic. Can’t be adjusted.

Turns out there are at least six other people in my building (68 units in total) that have had similar problems. And this is just the ones who mentioned it to me or have reported it on our website.

I got to the GE Appliance repair website. Kick off the form to request a service call. Answer all the inane questions. Pick a time slot. BTW, GE, 8 am 5 pm is not a time slot. Why is it that you cannot narrow it down further. Finally, when I get to submit, it tells me the site is down and to call such and such number. WTF. Why can’t you tell me that before I start filling out the form.

So, I call the number. They start off with a spiel about how great their appliances are. If someone is calling about a problem with one of your appliances, they are probably in no mood to hear about how great there. Then it suggests that you go to their website for faster service. $%!%$!@$. Then you answer a bunch of questions, similar to what you filled out on the website, but this time by punching your responses on the phone keypad. After getting through all that, I get a message that there is a 10 minute wait. I hang up. So, GE, you, your appliances, your website and your service suck.

I did some research and contacted a local repair shop. They’d come out but by the time that they could the refrigerator seemed to be back to normal. They said that they would probably not be able to daignose the problem if it wasn’t causing a problem when they showed up. I decided to save the service charge and wait until it broked down again.


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