Lowe’s Sucks

Recent shopping experience reinforced that big box stores suck. Home Depot had sucked for years. Lowe’s didn’t use to be as bad but after my experience Monday night, I think they are both scrapping bottom.

I had decided I wanted to buy a compact refrigerator for my office. The cafeteria at work has gotten progressively worse but what I got on Monday – BBQ Turkey – was practically inedible. So, thought I’d get a refrigerator and bring my own lunch. Healthy stuff – vegetables, fruits – protein shakes. After all it is the time for healthy eating, losing weight resolutions. I do some research on the Interent. Decide on a specific one – Frigidaire – which is available at Lowe’s. Stop off on the way home. Find the refrigerator. They have it in stock. Decide to buy it. But from whom. There is no one around. I start to walk around the appliance section and hear help being paged over the intercom for the Appliance Dept. Initially, I am impressed. They have figrued out how to read my mind. Turns out there was someone else looking for help. After several pages, a Lowe’s employee shows up. I wait close by for her to get done with the first customer. It hink she sees me. I look at other appliances close by. I see the guy walking by. I turn around. She is walking off. I call out. She keeps going. WTF! I leave.

I go home research some more. This Frigidaire one is the only one I like and as far as I can tell Lowe’s is the only one that has it. Damn! I guess I’ll try another store .

The next day I’m talking to someone about getting a refrigerator for the office and he tells me that Shell banned having personal refrigerators in your office about six months ago. Have to use the communal ones that Shell provides. Well, I’ll be dipped in dog dookey. Thanks Lowe’s, but you still suck.


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