You sure you want chocolate?

I was at Target recently and overhead the following conversation on the cookies aisle between a kid and what appeared to be his grandmother.

GM:  Go ahead pick whatever you want.

Kid studies choices for a second or two, picks up one and dumps in shopping cart.

GM:  Are you sure you want chocolate?

Kid:  Yes.

You know you can have whatever you want.


So, do you really want chocolate?


You don’t want white?


You know white is available.

Uh huh.

So, you want chocolate?


Why don’t you look again to make sure that you don’t want something else.

Kid grunts and mumbles something but doesn’t move.

See, they have white.  You don’t want white?



GM and kid start walking off.  GM stops.

I think I’ll get a box of white.

Another reason why it is a good idea not to shop with a loaded gun.


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