Office Christmas Party

Had our office Christmas luncheon last week that included a gift exchange.  This is where you take turns picking a gift and the person following you can “steal” your gift.  You don’t have to participate in the gift exchange.  Naturally, you do not get to participate if you don’t bring anything.  About 75% of the people who attended, participated.  I did not.  Primarily, because I forgot all about it.  Let me tell you that if 1) you do not participate and 2) there is no liquor; the event drags on.  In case I do decide to participate in the future, need to remember what is most popular – booze and gift cards (preferably from liquor stores but Home Depot and Best Buy gifts cards work also).  I guess, if you were a sadist you could combine a gift card from a liquor and a home improvement store and then for good measure throw in a coupon for a power tool.

After the lunch about a dozen of us went to the restaurant bar for drinks.  We were on our own, i.e. no longer company function, so, this was ok.  One guy in our group, when asked what he wanted to drink, whips out his phone and starts scrolling like mad.  I’m thinking he must have one of those “to do” lists but for drinks, i.e. “drinks to have before I die”.  Actually, he is logging on to ( or something to that effect) to order something he had on his honeymoon 10 years ago on some Caribbean island.  Something called a Scoobydoo Crush.  I thought he was making it up at first and was just trying to stump the bartender.  Turns out the bartender had heard of the drink but was unsure if it was made with rum or voidka.  Hello, Caribbean island!  Take a wild guess.  They finally sort it out and yes, it is with rum.  The ingredients also include nutmeg, pineapple juice and coconut water or something.  Sounded pretty disgusting to me.   He took one sip and nearly upchucked.

So, what’s the moral of the story.  Leave Caribbean drinks for the Caribbean.


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