Jury Duty

Jury duty today.  Downtown.  Yep, I drove.  Made the mistake of not taking anything to read.  A lot of waiting around.  Wandered around for a while.  Downtown looks pretty nice.  At least around Congress and Main where the Jury Assembly room is located.  Went back in the big room.  Looks something like an auditorium.  Small stage in the front.  TVs on the wall, which list the reasons for disqualification and exemption from jury duty.

I sit down and start sending text messages.  I make the mistake of mentioning to a friend that I should take a picture.  She dares me.  I snap.


I forgot two things.  One the flash.  Second, my cell phone makes a sound when a picture is taken.  It is an ahhhh.   Sounds like a soda can being opened.  Under normal circumstances you do not really notice the flash or the sound.  But in a large, very quiet room, with no natural light – it is like a gong going off.  I was expecting a midget in robes to waddle in, clamber on to the counter, bang a couple of cymbals, point an outstretched arm towards me and yell, “J’accuse.  Yonder heathen doth undignify the sanctitiy of this chamber.  Release the hounds!”.  And the mob arises as one.

That did not happen.  Somewhat disappointing.


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