Bus Ride to Jury Duty

I’ve got jury duty tomorrow.  Looks like the people at the courthouse are doing something different.  Rather than having everyone report in the morning, they have broken it into what looks like two groups.  I don’t have to show up until after noon.  So, I’ll go into work tomorrow morning and then head to the courthouse, which is downtown.  And, given that my home is about half way between work and the courthouse, why not go home.  Park the car and take the bus.  Make Gore proud plus the bus ride is free if I show the driver my jury summons.

Checked out Metro’s website to see what bus to take.  The website is surprisingly good.  Enter where you want to take the bus, what time you want to take it and where you want to get to and . . .  Viola!  Tells you which bus to pick up and where to pick it – a couple of blocks from the house.  Where to transfer.  Drop off?  Within a block of where prospective jurors had to report.  Fantastic!  Oh, even tells you how long it will take.  Hour and a half!  Are you fucking kidding me?  Hour and a half?  This is about a 20 minute drive.  Hey, I want to reduce my carbon footprint but . . .   And the hour and a half didn’t include the wait time.  So, altogether would have taken about 4 hours.  I’m taking the car.


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