Political Irony

I voted.  I voted early.  I did not vote often.  This is not Louisiana.

When did we stop designating incumbents on the ballot?  Makes it very difficult if you are on an anti-incumbent kick.  My solution?  Voted Democrat across the board, with one exception.  I figured that it was pretty safe bet that I was voting against the incumbent by voting Democrat in Houston.

And this is where the irony comes in.  I have always voted straight along party lines, i.e Republic.  Of course, when I lived in California, that meant nothing.  It probably tripped the tabulation machines in San Francisco.  What the hell?  Someone voted all Republican?  Is that legal?  Should we arrest this guy?  What do you mean there is nothing in the code against voting straight Republican.  Actually, I have no problems with gay Republicans either.

When I moved to Houston and voted Republican, I was with rest of the masses.  And now, after voting nearly all Democrat, I am once again going against the majority in the state.  Don’t think Obama has a chance.  And also getting a lot of flak from my friends and colleagues at work who for the most part think Obama is the anti-Christ or worse – a Muslim.

Next time around, I may move to a swing state.  I’d like to be wooed.


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