Death & Tourism

Recently, I was reading an article on Machu Picchu.  It is one of the many places that I want to absolutely see before I do the dearly departed thing.  

Now, a slight digression.  I hurt my leg a few weeks ago while working out.  I’ve gotten hurt before – legs, arms, shoulders, back, etc.  Take a couple of Tylenol and usually that has been enough to get back into fighting shape.  However, not this time.  I can feel it get better but it is taking much longer.  I am finally coming to the realization that this may have something to do with getting older, an affliction that I thought I would avoid.

How does this relate to Machu Picchu?  Well, with the aforementioned realization comes the recognition that I am rapidly reaching a point of no return.  Certain places will become out of reach after a certain age.  I’m not there yet but I better get on the ball.


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