Spent three days in Calgary this week.  First trip there.  First impression:  Good.  Nice and clean.  Place is booming because of oil, actually Oil Sands.  Got there on Monday (Oct 13th) which happened to be Canadian Thanksgiving.  Only one day designated to giving thanks in Canada.  Not sure if that means Canadians keep it simple and straight to the point or don’t have as much to give thanks for.  Probably the former.

Tuesday happened to be general election day in Canada.  So, a lot of political coverage on TV.  Was interesting for a while.  Not as shrill as over here but after a while . . .  Anyway, the Conservatives won, they increased their seats in Parliament but still what the Canadians called a “minority government”.  I think what that means is that they did not win a clear majority, i.e. over 50%, and would need to form a coalition with a minor party to govern.  The Liberals lost ground and were expected to elect new party leaders.  

Calgary and Alberta are conservative strongholds but you still heard a lot of people complaining about the choices.  Although, in their case the choices appeared to be greater than just two because of the parliamentary multiple parties.  I guess it’s the same everywhere – familiarity breeds contempt.  Once you get to know your politician better, you want someone else.  

Anyway, thought it was interesting that Canada went the other direction from what it looks like the US will do.  Although I get the feeling that there is a difference between conservatives and liberals in the two countries.   Canadian conservatives would probably be considered liberals in the US.  And a Canadian liberal would be a raving looney, which, incidentally, is what they call their dollar.  But without the raving in front of it.


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