New Dishes

Over the weekend I decided that the cereal bowls I had were not cutting it for soup.  So headed out to buy a couple of new soup bowls.  My reasoning was something along the lines of – if I had a real soup bowl, I would eat more soup.  If I ate more soup, perhaps I’d lose some weight.  Therefore, the whole reason for me being fat had to do with not having any soup bowls.

First stop Kuhl-Linscomb.  Been there several times.  Bought stuff there, including my cereal bowls.  Nice store but the service usually sucks.  The one exception is the the Hastens salesperson but she doesn’t count.  She works for Hastens, not Kuhl.  Anyway, today was no different.  Store empty, poor service.  But now the coolness just couldn’t overcome the bad service.  

Moved on to Williams & Sonoma, which is pretty crowded.  Couldn’t find what I was looking for and not sure if I was looking in the right place.  Several salespeople standing around talking about how hot it was.  Decided to move on.

At this point I thought about calling it a day.  Shopping is not my idea of fun but now Iw as on a mission.  Decided I would try one place.  If that failed, well, I could live with being fat.  Sur La Table on West Gray.  More people than Kuhl, fewer than Williams & Sonoma.  Walking is I see a little chalkboard, advertising porcelain tableware for sale.  I think it said 50% off.  Looking good.  Someone greets me as soon as I walk in, asks if he can help me find something or words to that effect.  An unusual experience after the last two stores.  I tell him what I want.  

He walks me over to a shelf, points at one ugly pot and says, “Soup tureen?”.

You’ve got to be kidding.  I’m still trying to figure out why I’m taking the extra step of pouring the soup out of the can into a bowl instead of skipping the middle man and eating straight out of the can.

Oh, I remember why.  Can’t microwave the can.  Actually, I think they have soup containers that you can heat the soup in and eat out of.  Interesting but I am a traditionalist.  At least when it comes to soup.  I mean can you imagine Warhol painting a soup bowl/container?  No, I didn’t think so.  But I digress.  I am not pouring the soup from can into tureen and then into bowl.  That’s way too many steps, plus not sure if the tureen would fit in the microwave.

So, I elaborate to my young friend.  Ah, yes, they do have those, also.  Not only do they have them but they are on sale.  Fantastic.  I follow him.  He stops at a table and hands me a cereal bowl.

“Soup”, I say.

“Huh?”, says he. 

This is going downhill.  

“Soup bowl”, I elaborate.

He puts down the bowl.  Picks up another and extends it towards me.

I look at him without reaching for the bowl.  He looks at me and then glances at the little sticker on the bowl and says aloud, “Noodle bowl”.  He puts it back.

But this guy is not a quitter.  Tells me to hang on and dashes off.  A man on a mission.  I find that refreshing.

I wander off into the kitchen to read about their cooking classes.  A friend in New Orleans takes cooking classes even though she knows how to cook and recommends it.  I realize several minutes have passed and the salesperson has not returned.  I have been ditched.  Normally, I’d take off but I am still on a mission.

I go looking for him and he is still searching for the soup bowls.  Finds a couple.  All on sale.  All ugly.  I stumble across a shelf that looks much nicer, which, of course, is not on sale.  Something called Revol.  The soup bowl is bigger than what I had wanted but I am ready to knock this puppy on it’s head and drag it back to my cave.  This hunting trip is running out of steam.  But I start looking at some of the other dishes.  These are pretty nice.  Certainly nicer than the stuff I bought at Kuhl.  So, $300 later, I walk out of the store with two big shopping bags with two thoughts in my head.  

1 – Sometimes it’s best not to heed the call of a mission.

2 – If Taco Bell burritos are going to look good on these plates.


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