Highland Tower

On the next street over, Bancroft, there is a new high-rise going up.  It is by the same developer who built The Briarglen (my building) and being built by the same builder, also – G T Leach.  The two pictures show left to right from my bedroom balcony.  It is going to be 16 stories and will have more services than The Briarglen, i.e. more expensive.  On the other side of the lot is the sales trailer.  If all goes well, plans are to build another tower where the sales trailer is.  It will be of similar height as the first tower, which means it will block my view, at least partially.  I stopped by the sales office and it looks like it will be very nice.  They said that the second tower was about three years away.  I am inclined to think it will be closer to 5 years before it is completed.  I would probably consider buying a new unit in the second tower.

In the first picture, just across the street are some townhomes.  Behind the trees that are to the left of the townhomes, you can barely see some apartments.  Those apartments, 655 units, will be torn down and replaced with something called the River Oaks District, a $600 million residential and commercial development.

The developer is OliverMcMillan, a San Diego based company.  The development will include two luxury hotels with a total of 500 guest rooms and 150 condos for sale.  Rumor has it that one of the hotels is the W.  There will be a 300 unit apartment building, a 10 story office building and 350,000 sq ft of retail space.

That’s a lot of traffic.  And a lot of retail space within the area.  This development sits between the Galleria and Highland Village, both of which are within a couple of miles.  The constant congestion in front of the Galleria on Westheimer is going to move East.


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