A Little Breakfast

Decided to get some breakfast at my favorite place – House of Pies on Kirby.  Get there, line of cars waiting to get in.  Packed inside and people waiting to be seated.  No parking spots.  So, I move on.  Go to Jack in the Box for sausage, egg and cheese biscuits.  Yes, biscuits and I know.  Enough calories to kill a moose.  But I’m not a moose, at least not yet.

I place my order and here is my conversation with the Cashier.  BTW, their registers don’t show the amount when the order is rung up.

Cashier:  “$4.34.”

I give her $4.50

She put’s it in the drawer, closes it and starts walking away.

Me:  “That was $4.50.”

Cashier:  “I know.”

There’s a pause where we stare at each other, pondering the situation.

Finally, Cashier:  “It was $4.74.”

I look at the receipt, sure enough it was $4.74.

Me, as I dig for more money:  “Oh, I thought you said $4.34.”

Cashier:  “That’s ok.”

and walks off.

Alrighty then.

As I’m leaving . . .  But let me set the scene, first.  There is a line of cars encircling the restaurants waiting at the drive thru.  The restaurant has windows around three sides and it is apparent that there are people sitting inside eating.  I am waling out with a Jack in the Box sack.

Guy walking past me, heading towards the front door goes:

“Are they open?”


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