Rum Ramsey @ Bon Ton

Although power was restored for my building on Tuesday night, I was unable to logon to the Shell network from home.  Actually I have never been able to logon remotely from my current laptop.  So, decided to head to New Orleans.  One, I couldn’t see myself sitting around for the rest of the week with nothing to do and two, I didn’t want to go into the office on Monday and be overwhelmed with catching up.

The weather in New Orleans has been fantastic.  Headed to the French Quarter the first night.  Realize that it was early in the evening but it still seemed pretty slow.  Ate at the bar at Maspero’s and had a discussion about presidential poltics and the current financial mess with a 14 year old bartender.  Ok, Louisiana ABC, in case you are surfing the web, he looked 14.  I am sure he was of legal age to serve liquor.  Although, not sure if Louisiana has an ABC.  Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t.

Second night, I had craving for Rum Ramsey at the Bon Ton.  So headed down their with a friend.  Rum Ramsey is a drink unique to Bon Ton (I think).  It has rum in it.  That’s all I know.  Much to my disappointment, they had weakened the drink from the last time I had them.  However, I realized I was mistaken when I stood up.  They are strong as ever.  Stumbled back to the hotel.  Went to bed.  Woke up at 3 am and was still drunk.  The redifish with crabmeat was great, also.

Friday, last day, I skip on into work and try and log on.  Damn!  The Houston Data Center is down.  Can’t access my drive or e-mail.  Don’t know when it’ll be back up.  No seats available on Soutwest flights until 12:30 pm.  Text a friend that I had brought down the Houston Data Center as a result of all the mad work I was doing in New Orleans.  Funny thing – I can still get on the Internet.


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