Home to Humidifier

Back home from New Orleans.  Passed thru nine traffic lights of which only one was working.  Looks like we’ve got a ways to go.  Most people are treating non-working intersections as four-way stops.  The ones that aren’t doing so are stopping, just not waiting their turn.  Not sure if that is because they are impatient or they can’t count up to four.  I think it’s the later.

Got home.  Opened the door.  Hear a loud noise.  I’m thinking, oh, no, the A/C is fixing to go out.  Walk in. Clear not coming from the A/C.  Walk further in, turn the corner and there is a contraption in my hallway to the bedroom.  It’s either a jet engine or humidifier.  If you happen to see an eight story structure overhead later tonight, it’s not a UFO.

Okey, dokey.  Time to get my non-critical, lazy ass to the gym.


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