What’s New – Apres Ike

Shell offices in Houston are closed for the rest of the week.  [I work for Shell].  This is terrible news for someone like me who has no life besides work.  Yes, somewhat sad, also.  🙂

Initially, they said offices open Wed.  Works for me.  Then they said open for “critical” personnel but it seemed to imply that others could come in, also.  that works for me.  So, Tuesday evening I went to the gym to shower and shave.  I still did not have power or water at that time.  Of course, when I got home, power had been restored.  There was water.  Internet was netting.  Cable was humming and birds chirping. 

Now, the office situation has changed.  Offices are open for critical personnel only.  If you need to ask, then you are not critical.  They didn’t say that but I knew they thought it.  So, I decided to take my non-critical ass to New Orleans for the rest of the week.


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