Nagin Special

Last week Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, said that he wanted to reciprocate for all the help provided by Houston to the Katrina evacuees.  He invited Texas residents fleeing Ike to New Orleans, commenting that there were plenty of hotel rooms.  That was nice but he went further.  When booking their rooms, Texans should ask for the Mayor Ray Nagin special.  What a guy!

So, people did, which confused the hotel people because they had not heard of the Nagin discount. Got a hold of Nagin’s people.  The response?  We weren’t serious.  That was just a joke.  An attempt to lighten the mood.  What a jackass.

Not sure who the the bigger jackass is, though.  Nagin or the people of New Orleans who re-elected him.  Actually, maybe this is just another sad example of what New Orleans has become.  Despite the utter incompetence of Nagin during Katrina, when he sat quivering in a hotel room not knowing what to do; the people of New Orleans returned him to office.  When the rest of the nation slapped their forehead in wonder, asking why, New Orleanians shrugged their shoulders as if to say, “this is the best we got.  We checked”.  Then they fixed themselves another mojito and flung a couple of beads at someone.

Laissez les bon temps roulez!


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