Back from Ike

Hurricane Ike has come and gone but the aftermath continues.

Power went out at around 5 am on Saturday, a couple of hours after Ike made landfall.  The first shot is from Friday evening.  Next is from Saturday and the rest were taken on Sunday.  I didn’t have as many problems, at least not ones that were obvious, in my unit but some other folks did.  Some people left pre-Ike and others left after Ike hit.  Because we don’t have any power, we don’t have any water either.  

My gym has power, so, was able to take a shower today.  Found an open Starbucks with power and Internet and that is where I am writing this from.

Drove around a little bit while hunting for ice on Sunday and Monday.  I gave up on Sunday because either places were out or the lines were too long.  Was able to get four bas on Monday.  I have to admit that the no power and no water is starting to get old.  Thought about moving into a hotel.  The Galleria area with several hotels, which is across the 610 freeway and I can see from my condo, has power.   Today and it may be the shower talking, I am ready to hang in there and see this think thru.  I mean I have lasted this long.  What’s a few more days.  Latest rumor of power resumption is Friday.  One week!!!!  Of course, that is better than the initial estimates for 2 to 4 weeks.  Although I am sure there will be some places that will take 4 weeks before they are up and running again.

The worst part is not having an estimate.  I had hoped to be able to check on that by accessing the Internet but no such luck.  Several websites, including Centerpoint Energy, show where it is out but none show when it is coming back on.

Work was closed on Monday and Tuesday so they could assess damage to buildings but expect to go back to work on Wed.  Got a conference call on Wed, with people calling in from New Orleans, Oslo and Rio.  Don’t want to miss that but even if I didn’t go into work I could start the call from home over my cell.

Things could be worse.  I could still be unbathed.  🙂


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