Ike Update

Ike is about 20 miles from Galveston.  Raining in Houston with strong gusts of wind.  Reports that transformers popping in Galveston and gas leaks.  In downtown Houston, Brennan’s restaurant is on fire.  Fire crews have decided that it is too dangerous to fight the fire.

Just noticed that the posted time is wrong.  It is five hours ahead of the actual time.  Need to fix that.

Gusts getting stronger and hearing loud popping noises.  Across the street is a construction site, where a new condo building is supposed to go up.  There are a lot of building materials and two construction trailers.  The area between the two trailers is covered by a tin roof.  Many f the residents in my building have wondered if that roof is going to hold and if it doesn’t, where does it go?


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