Ike Update

Not a whole lot of change from yesterday.  Skies are overcast and a slight breeze but would not be able to tell that there is a hurricane hurtling towards us.  Whenever something like this occurs all the local stations go to around the clock coverage.  However, there isn’t much to show right now and you can tell that he reporter is trying to outdo each other in trying to find the most alarming spot to shoot from.  They turn into hyper-ventilating banshees, with often alarmist perspectives that normally don’t come to fruition.  They are crying wolf and it appears, at least to me, that they are disappointed that it didn’t turn out bad enough.  Of course, they would never admit that.  But it’s this kind of coverage that local reporters gain fame, fortune and awards.  This is how Dan Rather got started.  As a local reporter, clinging to a pole during a storm.

However . . .

Watching the coverage a little bit I sense that this is storm is different.  This may be that rare occasion where; surprise, surprise; the wolf shows up.  I am beginning to believe this is going to be bad.  This time it is not just the station reporters and weathermen who ringing the alarm bell but other “professional” weather people.  Plus they are explaining why, with specific data.  We’ll see.  Landfall is still expected to be early Saturday morning, with winds of around 135 mph.


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