Ike Idiots

While flipping through the coverage of the various stations, something caught my eye and I stopped.  Cynthia Cisneros, reporter for the local ABC affiliate was reporting from Bacliff, which is a little town on Galveston Bay.  Bacliff is one of the poorest towns in the area and a lot of ex-cons seem to end up there.  Also, a lot of drugs and white gangs, some affiliated with the Bloods.  Yeah, those Bloods.  Go figure.  Not sure to what extent the Bloods recognize them.

Anyway,  what caught my attention was all the people who were ought there, behind Cynthia.  But what was really amazing the number of whom had kids with them.  Over there it was really windy but these people were having a good old time trying to get themselves and their (or whose ever) kids on TV.  At one point the TV camera suddenly swung down.  Cynthia explained that a piece of the pier had come flying in and nearly hit the camera man.

I guess Cynthia’s curiosity got the better of her and she got one guy on camera and asked him what he was doing there.

“To see Ike.”

“You know that there is a mandatory evacuation?”


“Well aren’t you worried about your family?”  [Evidently he had his kids there, also].

“What are you going to do? [Ummm, leave?].  It’s coming and it’ll come after you if it wants.”

Actually, I’m not quite sure what exactly he said but it was something to that effect.  The expression Cynthia’s face was priceless.  I thought she was going to bonk him on the head with her mic.

There was also a young woman smoking a cigarette at water’s edge on Galveston Bay, waiting for a hurricane.  All she needed to do was start running with scissors and we had a trifecta. 

What are you going to do?  You just can’t fix idiot.


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