Hello, Ike


This shot is what it looks like off my balcony on Thursday (9/11) evening.  Current tracking indicates that hurricane Ike is expected to make landfall at  Galveston around 1:00 am on Saturday.  Right now it is a category 2 hurricane with winds of 100 mph.  But it is expected to pick up speed because of warm water in the Gulf and could be a category 4 when it makes landfall.

Residents in the coastal areas in the path of the hurricane have been told to leave but not sure if that means mandatory evacuation.  Parts of Harris County, which is where Houston is located, is also under evacuation order or request.  Not sure which.

I think a lot of offices closed early, today.  Shell closed at noon and actually insisted that people leave.  We’ll also be closed tomorrow.  Local tv stations have gone to their round the clock coverage of hurricane.  

As for me, been to the store.  Got enough stuff that, I think, will tide me over for a few days, even if the power went out.  Tried to get gas but the lines were too long.  Plants are off my balconies.  Flashlights are powered up.  I’m ready.


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